A guide to deciding which keywords are worth your SEO time

When it comes to search volume it’s commonly thought that bigger is better, so there’s a tendency for the uninitiated to develop a keyword strategy that is built up of broad, high-volume keywords that apply to the brand’s products and services. But there are smarter ways to build a keyword strategy based around the actions […]

Case Study: Developing a web presence for Vita Mojo OS

Vita Mojo has a mission to revolutionise the way we order food in restaurants and eating establishments. Founded with a passion for nutrition and adapting restaurant menus to cater fort varying dietary requirements, they developed a restaurant operating system that provides customers with the ability to customise every menu item, displaying all ingredients, allergen information […]

How we did it: Merlin hits target for first time in 7 years

What does it take to build a strategy that ensures your business hits its targets? Merlin Events is the events and entertainment division of Merlin Entertainments, the operator of a number of visitor attractions including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds and the Sea Life Centre London Aquarium. In 2018, Merlin approached us to talk about […]

Post-lockdown consumer behaviour and the new opportunities it presents

Most businesses’ sales have been affected by lockdown for better or worse. It’s clear that people are spending more time online and this presents opportunities for business growth – but it also kind of doesn’t. It just creates more advertising space online. The opportunity comes from what you do to make the most of reaching […]